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  • Gin As de Picos

    Gin As de Picos

    Premium London dry gin produced with juniper, cardamom, ginger,  port tea, lily root, elderflower, Novales lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, orange, liquorice, coriander, Angelica root and three secret ingredients.

  • Tropical Gin As de Picos

    Tropical Gin As de Picos

    Premium gin with a light maceration of fruits (lychee, mango, pineapple and raspberry among others) that add sweet touches but keeping that special essence provided by the distillation drop by drop in the artisan alquitaras of Liébana. It has a very soft pink color and the sweet aromas predominate in the nose, although the final aftertaste has the particular nuances and personality of the distillate.

  • Orujo


    Fine aroma with fruit and raisin and without alcoholic sensation. Delicate in the mouth it is very pleasant with a warm sensation in the stomach that makes it digestion easier.

  • Orujo Cream

    Orujo Cream

    Soft and creamy drink produced with a milk basis.  It is very appreciated for the most refined palates for its low density and good balance in sugar.

    Ideal to drink cold or with  coffee.

  • Herbs Liquor

    Herbs Liquor

    This liquor is produced from “port tea” or “Stone tea”, a small wild plant that grows only at a minimum of 1200 meters of altitude and with orujo.


    It is smooth, with anisette hints, herbaceous and sweet.  Very easy to drink.

  • Honey Liquor

    Honey Liquor

    This liquor is produced with the exclusive Liébana honey. Floral and sweet aromas with a delicate taste.

  • Coffee Liquor

    Coffee Liquor

    Fine liquor with delicate coffee aroma and taste produced with our exclusive orujo.

  • Coffe cream

    Coffe cream

    Coffee cream with orujo.  It has fine touches of roasted coffee with reminiscent of caramelized toffee flavours. In the mouth it is sweet and tasty.

    It is recommended to take cold or with ice, alone or directly in the coffee. Do not mix with citrus. Shake before serving.

  • Malta As de Picos

    Malta As de Picos

    Spirit of malted barley that when it is aged in oak barrels it becomes whisky. Most of this Malta de Picos is now in oak barrels, which have held for two years the wine of Jerez, to age, and to become the first Whiskey in the world distilled in our ancestral alquitara.The part that we have left without ageing in oak is a spirit that retains all the aroma and aftertaste of the raw material from which it comes: malted barley.

    Although purists prefer it alone, it is highly appreciated in mixology, and especially ideal to combine with Ginger Ale.